About me

Best-selling writer Bobby Hutchinson writes stories about almost everything, as long as everything involves romance, quirky people, outrageous kids, deafness, time travel, or medicine, with most of which she's familiar.

(Well, maybe not time travel. But who knows?)

She lives in a funky little cottage in Cranbrook, B.C., a small city in the Canadian Rockies. In the summer, she hauls her very small travel trailer, Calamity Jane, to campgrounds. In the winter, she hibernates.

She faints at the sight of blood, although her best-selling medical romance series, Emergency, does have the occasional scene involving bodily fluids. 

She's written over 60 books, mostly romance, with a few memoirs tossed in. How Not To Run A B&B, set in Vancouver,  was chosen by the Kootenay Library Association as Best Book of the Year, and is now being made into a film.

She lives in the land of possibility. And she's now writing faster than ever, because at 83, who knows when she'll head off to seek the Great Perhaps?