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Love to the Rescue (Emergency Series, Book 11)

Love to the Rescue (Emergency Series, Book 11)

Dr. Tony O'Connor, chief of staff at St. Joseph's Hospital, has a neurotic and bitter mother, an ex who walked out on him and his beloved little daughter, a hospital to run which has financial problems, and now he's a patient in Emergency because he slipped on a wrapper. And he's in a rage.

Kate Lewis, the hospital's patient rep, is an expert at resolving anger issues, but with Tony, her ability is being severely tested.

A series of unfortunate events go from bad to horrible, and he ends up in intensive care, threatening to fire half the staff. His impossible mother and his complicated family issues make everything even worse.

Kate’s personal life is also hopelessly messy, and she slowly comes to realize that neither she nor Tony has ever learned to put their own needs first.

They need to figure out what to do about the feelings they have for each other—and two little girls, Tony's daughter and Kate's stepdaughter, are more than eager to help them with that lesson by complicating the whole mess even more.

They need a rescue remedy. Maybe tough love is the answer?

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