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Double Jeopardy (Emergency Series, Book 3)

Double Jeopardy (Emergency Series, Book 3)

Gemma Cardano’s face is horribly disfigured in a construction accident.

Doctor Ben Halsey, the top plastic surgeon at St Joe's Hospital, has the task of repairing the damage. He'll need all his renowned skills to reconstruct what had been beautiful features.

But Ben is surprised to learn that, but instead of the usual computer-generated template of Gemma before the accident, he can use Gemma’s identical twin, Sera, as a model.

Ben is a love 'em and leave 'em guy, but Sera gets past all his defenses. Is he falling in love?

But Gemma is determined to have Ben, no matter how many lives she wrecks in the process.

Will Sera walk away as she's done so many times before, letting her difficult sister have her way?

Ben is determined to fight for the woman he wants. But Gemma stoops to lies and deceit. If she can’t have Ben, she’ll make certain Sera won’t either.

Double Jeopardy explores the complicated, often painful relationships between twins, sisters and the men with whom they fall in love.

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  • Medical
  • Romance
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Author Interview

Why twins, Bobby?

There's a mystique about twins. What's it like to live your life knowing someone else has the same face as you, even though your personalities are light years apart?What if you both fall in love--with the same person?

The twin relationship fascinates me.

Who's your favourite character:

You just gotta love Ben, a genius with a scalpel, a fan of fast cars and wild women, with a past that haunts him and keeps him from forming any real relationships with the gals he dates.

I hope you love reading this medical romance series as much as I've enjoyed creating it.

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