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Healer (Emergency Series, Book 13)

Healer (Emergency Series, Book 13)

Doctor Jordan Burke knows she has to divorce her drug-addicted, abusive husband.

He's brought into her ER and she's horrified and humiliated.

She needs a fresh start in a place where she can recover from the trauma of her marriage and from her emotional and physical exhaustion.

But moving to Ahousaht, an isolated First Nations village on Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast, brings medical challenges, new friends, and new problems.

Silas Keefer is the community's traditional healer, with whom Jordan can work comfortably despite the way each of them practice medicine.

But she and Silas each have secrets that go far deeper than medical issues. They also have intense feelings for one another.

What will it take to truly heal their differences?

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  • Medical
  • Romance
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