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Picking Clover (Emergency Series, Book 4, EBOOK)

Picking Clover (Emergency Series, Book 4, EBOOK)

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Unable to find a way forward in a life that tragedy has devastated, Polly knows she needs help the morning she checks herself into the psychiatric ward.

Michael, a beloved doctor and Polly’s husband would do anything to help his wife find peace and happiness again. He’s hidden his own broken heart by working early and late. His patients adore him, but Polly feels abandoned and alone.

Their long and loving marriage is in crisis. The situation worsens when Polly has to care for a little girl, the daughter of one of Michael’s patients.

Clover is everything Polly can't abide. The kid is physically unattractive, out of control, and sly. And who names a baby Clover? But because of her husband and his generosity, Polly is stuck with the child. Through bizarre circumstances, it's Polly's fault that Clover's father is in the hospital and, because the child has no one else, Polly’s sense of guilt is all that makes her agree to care for Clover.

Polly does her best, but Clover makes it clear she can't abide Polly either, although she gets along fine with Michael and with Polly's impossibly eccentric mother, Isabelle. And Polly's sister Norah dotes on the kid, go figure.
They’re at a crossroads in their marriage and Polly's heart feels physically broken. She can't begin to imagine how this peculiar little girl could ever help her heal.

Sometimes it takes a miracle, and maybe Clover is exactly that.

In Picking Clover, acclaimed medical novelist Bobby Hutchinson explores every parent's worst nightmare, and the path through that dark place that only loves can provide.



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  • Medical
  • Romance

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Author Interview

Why did you write this particular book?

I have dear friends who struggled through the situation this book describes. Their courage and struggles to save their marriage and their love under extreme stress were inspirational, and they suggested I write about it.
I'm grateful to them because I learned so much about the restorative power of love during the creation of Picking Clover.

What character intrigued you most?

That would be Clover. This kid is tough and vulnerable, smart and determined, quirky and demanding and funny in spite of so much tragedy in her tiny life. What more can you ask of a little girl who manages to take over a story?

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