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Knights of the North: RCMP Romance

Knights of the North: RCMP Romance

Christine Johnstone joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with dreams of travelling, having adventures, and moving up in the RCMP. But undercover work has put her safety at risk. The best way to protect her is to hide her as a working constable in Dawson City, Yukon.

Corporal Michael Quinn needs a strong officer to back him up in what is still a wild frontier town. He is taken aback when he finds out that his right-hand man turns out to be a woman.

Quinn has no illusions about fairytale romances or a woman's ability to subdue unruly miners.

Chris knows she can rely on her wit rather than strength.

The conflict and the intoxicating chemistry simmer between them as winter begins its long dark night.

It takes death to prove that love can find a way.

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