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Rose's Mail Order Brides and Grooms: Object Matrimony (Western Prairie Brides, Book 5, EBOOK)

Rose's Mail Order Brides and Grooms: Object Matrimony (Western Prairie Brides, Book 5, EBOOK)

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What If A Bride Needs A Mail Order Husband?

It's 1898 on the Canadian prairie, and women's roles are strict and well defined. But Rose is determined her friend Esther won't be shamed and left in the lurch. All she needs to locate Esther's beloved, Gabriel, is an arrest warrant from the North West Mounted. Not exactly mail order, but effective, nonetheless. But will Esther's father greet Gabriel with a shotgun?

Esther's father is also Rose's boss, and he's anything but pleased at Rose's plotting. Will she lose her job? Rose is relying on the new Reverend, Joel, to keep order and bloodshed down to a minimum. And she's also finding him unnervingly attractive. But Rose has a dark secret that will prevent any romance with a reverend.


She doesn't know what will come of her plans for Esther, but she does know she absolutely loves the danger, uncertainty and intrigue that comes with matching up woman and men, object--matrimony. She can see the potential for a business if she dares to flout convention and become a business woman at a time when women's roles are strictly confined to marriage and raising a family.


Enjoy this clean historical short read, the first of three. 

What can I expect from this book?

  • Historical
  • Romance
  • Western

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Author Interview

There's a conversation going on about whether women have achieved parity with men. We've come a long way, and we probably have a long way to go. But reading about women who lived in the late 1800's really brought home to me how far we have come. And I love books about brave, daring women living long ago who had the courage to follow their own destiny, to become career women in the face of public disapproval, to take chances with their lives, whether it was agreeing to marry a man they'd never met or setting up a business of their own. Rose appeared in one of my other books, A Lantern In The Window, and I felt she needed a series of her own. I hope you enjoy her spirit and her touch of zaniness.

WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER IN THIS FIRST BOOK? Beside's Rose, I love Aunt Harriet. She, too, made her first appearance in A Lantern In The Window. She's the kind of aunt every gal needs, loving, supportive and non-judgmental - and she adores a bit of excitement and intrigue. I wish I had an Aunt Harriet!