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Medicine Woman (Western Prairie Brides, Book 3)

Medicine Woman (Western Prairie Brides, Book 3)

Every Dream Has A Price - and for Doctor Mary Ferguson, that price is high.

It's 1908 on the western prairie, and Mary has attained her dream. She's one of the first women doctors, and she's struggling hard for acceptance. The choices are clear cut--pursue her hard earned career, or fall in love and follow her heart. At this time and in this place, women can't have both. But when she meets David, a man trying to find balance between his Indian mother and his white father, she longs for more. David is returning to his people on the western prairies. He doesn't fully understand how the way of life he remembers from when he was a child has changed. Government policies have forced his Blackfoot people onto reserves, and there are troubling laws being enforced. He thinks longingly of Mary, but he's sure their lives are too disparate to ever come together.

This is the third stand alone book in the Western Prairie Brides Series, which began with Lantern In The Window. Mary's mother Annie was a mail order bride. She married Noah sight unseen. LANTERN IN THE WINDOW tells their love story. Mary is their oldest child. Annie's sister Bets is deaf. Her romance with a handsome and conflicted North West Mounted policeman is told in SILENT LIGHT, SILENT LOVE.


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  • Historical
  • Romance
  • Western
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Author Interview

Why did you write this particular book?
My mother grew up on the Canadian prairies. I asked her once if there were any women doctors, and she shook her head. "Oh no, no one would have trusted a woman doctor in those days. Women got married, raised a family, cooked, cleaned." When I researched the early 1900's, I came across a horrifying government decree dealing with the native tribes. So what could I do but put these two situations together?
Who's your favorite character in Medicine Woman?
That would be Magpie, the impossible little boy who trails around after David in the Blackfoot village. I fell in love with him because he refused to be a small sub character in the story. He demanded that he have an important role, the scamp! I tried to incorporate romance, history, tragedy and laughter in this historical medical romance.

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