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Love of a Rodeo Man

Love of a Rodeo Man

How does a cowboy make a transition from rodeo hero to rancher?

How does a man learn to live with the fact that he's been sentenced to one sort of life when his body and soul still wants the rodeo life?

Sara Wingate has just graduated as a vet and landed a job in the small town of Plains, Montana, where her family live. She's come home at last, and she's beyond happy with her new life.

Mitch Carter has given up his rodeo life also come home to be his father's right-hand man on the Carter Ranch, but his heart's still back at the rodeo.

Mitch and Sara meet in a pen full of pigs, not the most romantic of meetings. But Mitch soon knows she's the one for him. Problem is, can he compete with the demands of her career?

Sara loves the rodeo cowboy--but will he be content away from the Broncos and bulls?

IF YOU LOVE RODEO, AND WESTERN ROMANCE ,this is the book for you!

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Author Interview

What inspired you to write about rodeo and cowboys? My family has cowboys, rodeo riders, and one famous female trick rider, my beautiful niece Emily. I'm an anomaly; I'm scared of horses. But I love to listen, and at family gatherings there's always a rodeo story. And I have a good friend who's a vet. It didn't take much to put the two elements together.
Who's your favourite character?
Mitch's mother, Ruth. She's lived through tragedy with little support from her husband, but she finds the courage to follow a new path, one that will bring her self-esteem and happiness.

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