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Acute Care (Emergency Series, Book 9)

Acute Care (Emergency Series, Book 9)

ER Doctor Portia Bailey loves her job. She also loves her mentally challenged sister, Juliet. But a demanding career and Juliet's escalating needs leave little time for romance.

Besides, Portia has a secret that most men wouldn't begin to understand.

Millionaire Nelson Gregory also has a secret. It's what drives him to race cars, ride motorcycles, sky dive. He's constantly flirting with death, and when he's admitted to St. Joe's after a life threatening crash, it's not death that scares him. It's the possibility of living the rest of his life paralyzed. Portia assures him his spine is uninjured, but how can she know for sure? Nelson won't chance a long time relationship, but mysterious Portia fascinates him, and he pursues her. Secrets lose their power when they're shared. Slowly, Portia and Nelson confide in each other, and in the process they fall in love. But love without trust can't survive.

It takes a medical crisis and the death of a dear patient and friend for Nelson to understand that the two go hand in hand. Is it too late to salvage the love of his life?

Acute Care, a complicated love story about the many ways life teaches growth.

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  • Medical
  • Romance
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