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A Distant Echo (Western Time Travel Romance, Book 3)

A Distant Echo (Western Time Travel Romance, Book 3)


Travel across time!

Western Time Travel Romance

A mountain slides across the small town of Frank, Alberta, trapping and killing the residents beneath a million tons of rock.

Tom and Jackson, fortune hunters, watch the catastrophe in a movie--the disaster occurred over a hundred years ago.

But suddenly, inexplicably the two adventurers are transported back in time. The town of Frank is intact, the disaster still a year ahead.

Can they warn people about what's about to happen?

What can they do if no one is prepared to believe them?

They have no usable money, nowhere to stay--and they're thrown in jail, suspected of robbery.

They're about to learn lessons involving kindness, generosity, and the power of love--but they're also about to encounter brutality, disbelief, poverty and frustration.

The lives they had before are nothing more than a distant echo.

Is there a way back?

They have a plan, but it will mean leaving behind all those they've come to love and abandoning the town on the very night of the disaster.

Love and Money--Tom and Jackson much choose between the two.

A time travel historical romance that will keep you reading long past bedtime!


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  • Time travel
  • Romance
  • Historical
  • Western
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