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The Baby Doctor (Emergency Series, Book 7)

The Baby Doctor (Emergency Series, Book 7)

A Medical Romance--With Babies!

Single OBGYN doctor Morgan adores her work, her pregnant foster daughter, her messy house filled with pets. She's loud, exuberant, and loving. Life is good--until she gets tangled up with fellow baby doctor Luke.

He's impeccably groomed, a quiet, austere widower with a teenage daughter, perfect in all the ways Morgan is not. But Luke has a secret that only Morgan can help him with.

If you love medical fiction, strong, vulnerable women and hospital romance that makes you laugh and cry, you'll adore The Baby Doctor.

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  • Medical
  • Romance
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Author Interview

What made you write medical novels?
I'm a huge fan of medical sitcoms, ER, Grey's Anatomy, Children's Hospital. There's just something riveting about doctors. And I had wonderful doctor friends who kept me on the straight and narrow treating my patients.
Who's your favorite character in The Baby Doctor?
That would be Morgan's mother, India. Complex and difficult, she, too, has secrets. Don't you love people with secrets?

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