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Are You My Daddy? (Emergency Series, Book 8)

Are You My Daddy? (Emergency Series, Book 8)

Doctor Conrad Banfield, head of the psychiatric unit at St. Joe’s, knows absolutely that he can’t have fathered a child. He had a vasectomy.

But nurse Abby Martin knows positively that her three-week-old son, Robert, is the result of the passionate one-night stand she had with Conrad.

Now Abby’s clinging to life, and Conrad has to care for their baby.

Trouble is, Conrad has no experience with babies, and the psych nurses, who call him Iceman, are not about to rescue him.

Will Conrad be able to learn about diapers and colic--and maybe even--gasp-- LOVE?

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  • Medical
  • Romance
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Author Interview

What's the story behind the story, Bobby?
Some of my best friends are nurses, and nurses know doctors well. They told me of a certain psychiatrist who badly needed a personality transplant. So I gave him one in this story. I hope it makes you laugh.
Favorite character? That would be plural--all the nurses who work with Dr. Banfield. Unsung heroes every one.

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