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Biggest Little Heart (Starwood Chronicles, Book Four, EBOOK)

Biggest Little Heart (Starwood Chronicles, Book Four, EBOOK)

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Clean, sweet, small town romance

Joanne’s beloved foster child, Zalika, has a damaged heart and needs ongoing medical treatment, but the baby is about to be sent back to Nigeria because of a bureaucratic Visa problem, where it's pretty certain she will die. Nigeria simply doesn't have the sophisticated medical equipment needed to repair Zalika's heart.

Joanne will do anything to protect and keep her baby, but money and means are in short supply, and she's a single parent.

Beloved Doctor Colin Murphy will do almost anything to romance Joanne—except endanger his medical license when Joanne begs him to do just that, to help her keep Zalika.

There's a vicious man in Joanne's past whom she vowed never to contact again, but it seems he's the only answer now.

Will Joanne’s desperate quest send her down a dangerous illegal path, or can love and a doctor with a heart huge enough to encompass her and her children be able to find an unlikely detour?

Biggest Little Heart is a sweet, clean, small-town romance with babies, danger, friendship and, of course, all the quirky people from Biggest Little Truckstop, Starwood's best and only diner.

What can I expect from this book?

  • Small town
  • Romance
  • Clean
  • Sweet

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