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Lantern in the Window (Western Prairie Brides, Book 1)

Lantern in the Window (Western Prairie Brides, Book 1)

Ever wondered what it might be like to be a mail-order bride? Or the groom, already married to a woman he’s never laid eyes on?

On the Canadian prairies in 1886, having a mail-order romance wasn’t unusual.

Noah Ferguson desperately needs help on his farm.

Annie Tompkins knows she can't go on working in Lazenby’s cotton mill. Her little sister Betsy will die if they stay there. So she’s been a little less than honest in her letters to Noah. Is that really so terrible?

It's unforgivable, Noah fumes. He wanted an older widow, and Annie is a young virgin. But even that isn't the full extent of her lies.

Problem is, Noah hasn’t exactly been straight with Annie, either, and his secret has the power to break Annie’s heart.

Can time and even a special Christmas gift make their marriage work?

This is a standalone story, a mail-order brides western romance.

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  • Historical
  • Romance
  • Western
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Author Interview

What made you write this series, Bobby?

My mother grew up on the Canadian prairie, and she was a storyteller. She told me tales of mail-order brides, the heartbreak, and sometimes the success of such marriages. I was--and still am--fascinated by the brave people who took such chances.

Who's your favourite character in Lantern In The Window?

That would be Betsy. She has difficult problems to overcome. And she's the main character in the second of the series, SILENT LIGHT, SILENT LOVE.

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