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Yesterday's Gold (Western Time Travel Romance, Book 2)

Yesterday's Gold (Western Time Travel Romance, Book 2)

A Romantic Time Travel Adventure In Canada's North.

Hannah Gilmore is about to be married to a member of one of Victoria B.C.'s notable families. But first, she's promised to take her mother, Daisy, to Barkerville, the historical site of a B.C. gold rush, to search out the resting place of an ancestor. Daisy insists on bringing her incontinent dog. And the trip becomes impossibly complicated when her mother invites her difficult friend, Elvira, along. A bridge collapses, and suddenly Hannah and her irritating companions are in Barkerville.

But it's 1868, the height of the Cariboo gold rush. They have to accept accommodation from a saloonkeeper named Logan McGraw, a mysterious, handsome man who fought in the American Civil War, and who has a secret agenda for being in Barkerville. Hannah and her companions soon learn that women have no rights in this time and place.

But the three women are stubborn, intrepid, and imaginative. They set out to bring a semblance of women's liberation to the primitive and harsh conditions, always hoping to return to their own time. But Hannah, who was about to be married, finds that now she's falling in love, and the man she loves is accused of murder, a hanging offence. Can a modern-day woman trapped in a long ago time find a way to save him? Western historical time travel at its best!

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  • Time travel
  • Romance
  • Historical
  • Western
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Author Interview

What inspired you to write this book?
At a troubled time in my life, I ran away to Barkerville. I visited the old cemetery, reading the names and ages of the souls buried there. They seemed to haunt the lonely burial hillside, and I decided they needed a book. So I borrowed some of their names and created a new life for them.
Favorite characters?
I loved them all, but particularly Daisy, Hannah's mother. She grew stronger and more capable as the book progressed, and I so admired her courage and ingenuity.
I hope you fall in love reading Yesterday's Gold. I fell in love writing it.

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