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Stay With Me (Alaska Romance) - Published January 10th 2024

Stay With Me (Alaska Romance) - Published January 10th 2024

Flying helicopters in her beloved Alaska is what Ivy Pierce was born to do. She takes guests soaring over the breathtaking, rugged landscape.

Her father is her hero; he taught her to fly.

Romance? It's a weak second on her list--until Alex arrives at her family's remote and exclusive Raven Lodge. He's signed on to build much-needed cabins.

But he also has a powerful agenda, and a broken heart. Grief is an unpredictable thing. It makes slaves of its victims. Alex doesn't know if his pain will ever heal enough to let him love again.

In a last-ditch effort to find peace, he's going to trace the route his father took in 1988, when he disappeared in this rugged and dangerous territory, never to be heard from again.

All Alex has of his father is a series of letters his mother received all those years ago a battered knapsack turns up at the police station. And with it, Alex learns that Ivy's father has been less than honest.

The large Pierce family owns and operates Raven Lodge, and as with all close-knit families, secrets and lies abound, including the vital information Alex is searching for.

The attraction between Ivy and Alex grows stronger every day, but so do their reservations.

Families, complications, broken hearts, and danger.

Is there space and time enough for love to grow?


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