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His Guardian Angel: Historical Montana Romance

His Guardian Angel: Historical Montana Romance

A Montana Historical Romance

Ever thought that advice directly from an angel might solve all your problems? In the little town of Demersville, Montana, in 1889, Doctor Joseph Gillespie has the best surgical assistant anyone could hope for--his own personal angel, Nathaniel. Even without Nathaniel’s help, Joseph is a talented doctor, but when it comes to matters of the heart, he’s beyond hopeless. Intrepid business-woman Emma Walsh doesn’t know beans about angels, but she understands men and romance. She feels there’s hope for the awkward, impossibly shy young doc, if she can only get him to notice her. But when she does manage to focus his attention, Joseph also notices Emma’s easy-going manner with other men. And how can he trust romantic advice from an angel?

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Author Interview

Why angels in Montana?
Good question. I love Montana, I drive to Kallispell to shop. There's something rugged and historical about the city. And when someone returned the handbag intact that I forgot for two hours in a shopping cart in Costco's parking lot, I also knew there were angels about.

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